Laurie Vitale
West Shore

Using An Introduction!

What is it? is a social bookmarking site. Which means a couple of things:
  • First: Instead of having your bookmarks on your computer-- stuck there- you place them on the web. That means that you can access them from ANY machine attached to the Internet.
  • Second: Anyone you knows your "username" can also see your bookmarks. And you can see their bookmarks.
  • Third: Even if you don't know a person's "username" - you can search and see what people have saved as "good" bookmarks based on "tags"

Common Craft explains (even gives an example for teachers!) in simple terms!

What is the power of the "tag"- Here is the power of You "tag" webpages wth multiple terms. For example: Have you ever found a really good site and bookmarked it for a folder and then forget where you put it? With "tags" you can "bookmark" that one website into MANY "folders".
For example this site could be tagged with math, algebra, geometry, manipulatives, resources.

How to tap into other people's ideas- Go to and see what other people have "tagged" with "math" "calculus" or "geometry"

How to create your own account- Click on the "Register" button to create your own account. Takes seconds to create.

Why a "network" is a great help- Once you have your own account, you can start adding people to "your network". This will allow you to easily see what those people have bookmarked. For example, Wes Fryer is a blogger, educator, very interesting person. You can add Wes to your network and see his bookmarks.

How to share links within When you "tag" a link, you can add people from your network to the tag- then they'll see the tag, too.

Adding buttons to your toolbar-
  • You can create an "add on" to Firefox so you can easily "tag" and view your bookmarks.Picture_2.png

  • An "add on" for IE is also available.

There is a fairly extensive Help section within

Live Blogging of Laurie Vitale's session:

What is delicious? Bookmarks on the internet instead of your computer.
1. You can access anyplace in the world on any computer.
2. You can access other people’s delicious sites for ones that have been reviewed and that person has already done the work of searching and feel the site is pretty good.
3. See specific subject area sites.

Shared Common Craft examples of what the program is.

Talked about tagging – Attaching words to a site to refer back later. Be more specific with your tag. Generic terms are not good tags.

Demo of site – Geometry – showed bookmarks and how many people have saved that specific bookmark. You can also see tag names for each site.

How do you tag. Save a site you like once you are logged in. Give it a description and in the tags area, give it some specific tags – you can also save for a person. If you have everyone in your department create a delicious account. You can save sites and send them to all the teachers in your department.

Talked about bundling – This is an advanced option.

Networking in delicious: You can add people can add people to your network and then see and use there bookmarks.

You can tag sites for private so only you can see them.

Demo of the network options. See Laurie’s delicious site: lav17