Pat Galuska
West Shore

Pat's presentation can be found at:

Live Blogging of Pat's Presentation:

Pat's goal is to narrow the focus to videos and images.
Focusing on "How to use them" and "Where to get them"
"Lecture" is used "loosely"-- infusing video and images into your "lecture"
How to use them:
Introduction to concepts and ideas
  • Example: Use a video to use a parabola (see Pat's Site)-- BEFORE drawing one on the chalkboard. Analyze the video to discuss the concept.
  • Example: Show the relationship between circles and sine curves (animations)
  • Example: Define terms/shapes. Such as an ellipse
  • Example: Exploring theorems and properties. Use animation to show why theorems "work"

Where to get them:
  • Search for videos using "real life" terms that involve math-- Where is life would you see X? Search for X videos.
  • You Tube--Can be a good site. Be cautious-- you may find inappropriate material.
  • Teacher Tube-- Good, but not deep
  • Google Video, Yahoo Video--Will search for any sites that exist. Be cautious-- you may find inappropriate material.
  • Futures Channel- Free, Good material. Lesson plans/guides, worksheets. Connects math to the real world. You can receive weekly emails from the Futures Channel for updates.
  • United Streaming- Purchased through the IU. Excellent site. Some clips are "editable" Good for showing short clips.

Special Note: Download your videos for stand alone use. Reasons: 1. then you're not streaming 2. you only show the video and not other items that may be on the site and not appropriate for school.

Wrap up- This allows you be present a more dynamic experience for your kids. Use this to get the KIDS talking!