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Live Blogging of Fred's Applet Session:

Fred explains that "Applets" are manipulatives. Allow for "faster" collection of data.
Advantages: Virtual- can be done anywhere, don't require physical set up
Con: Classroom management
Hardest part is finding good "Applets" for High School. Some are elementary and some of college.
Good example: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. (See above link plus others.)
See of other tagged math sites
Illuminations (see above site)- Allows for key word searching (HUGE PLUS). Example shown: Scatter plots, line of best fit. Alter data to show how this alters line of best fit. Not possible to do this with pen and paper.
Explore Learning (Gizmos)- Excellent but VERY EXPENSIVE. Five minutes free/day
Wolfram- Can download to computer (requires free player) Pro: No concern about network access.
Fred touches on
Fred encourages teachers to add to the wiki site and share with each other
Search for "Geometer Sketchpad files" on the Internet to see what others have created
Cut-the-knot-- list of manipulatives.

Live Blog of Second Session

Fred likes Chemistry. He begins by talking about how he used to take three days to set up and do a lab on Boyles Law. Then, he found a virtual manipulative that allowed him and his students to spend more time with the data as opposed to setting up just to collect it.

Benefits: Allows each kid to work with the concept. They can work on the manipulatives at school or at home.

Fred talks about the links that are listed above: NLVM, Illuminations, Explore Learning, Wolfram, etc.

Link from Jimbo:
  • You can download these interactives directly to a computer. You can then run the .html files directly from your machine, so you don't need an internet connection at all times.

Philosophy and Validity site offers many manipulatives and offers reasons to use manipulatives in the classroom.

"Manipulatives are good!" It's nice to find things for ourselves, but we also need to share these things. If you find something, share it here.