Here are the directions and the grading rubric for this project.

Could the poster perhaps also post some sample/exemplary projects?

"The Dot and the Line - A Romance in Lower Mathematics"

A video that inspired me to begin my interest in geomtery at a very young age. It is a bit outdated, but I still enjoy its message. (mackrellr)

"Polygon Song" by Peter Weatherall

This is a cute 3 min song naming the polygons from a square to a decagon. High school kids find it hysterical for some reason. (mackrellr)

Streaming Geometry Tutorials For Online Homework Help, I have suggested my students use Prentice Hall's companion website's homework video tutors. I often use them in my geometry class as either a preview of what tasks in a lesson are ahead, an instant review, or lesson recap. They are really well done. (mackrellr)

Geogebra - dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.
WinPlot - This a program that was recommended to me by a Calculus teacher. I am not very calc-savvy so I have no idea how to use it
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NCTM Illuminations By: Marcopolo - 96 Online activities related to math
CoolMath - Online games lessons and calculators
Problems with a Point - Find problems you can use in your classroom.
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles - A collection of puzzles, hints, solutions, and links to related topics
NCTM Electronic Examples - Activities that Focus on the National Standards
Interactive Mathematics - Learn math by playing with it.

Dynamic Geometry A huge resource from mathforum.org.(mackrellr)
Sketchpad Files A selection of "downloadable" Geometer's Sketchpad gsp files. (mackrellr)