Michele Bucher
Manheim Township

Interactive Project--done with low level seniors. They were seniors who were not proficient on PSSA's. They are required to take this course if they did not pass the PSSA's.

Students were required to to a final project for the course. The interactive project included using Google Maps, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, interactive websites (mileage calculators, hotel rates, plane fares, etc.), Audacity, and Moviemaker. (Google Docs created...and gaggle email create for each student prior to beginning the project.)

The requirements of the project were to have the students create a trip using google maps. The students were required to have three legs of the trip. The students calculated the nautical mileage of the trip. The students also used trig calculations legs of the trip. Students were given an amount of money they could use for the trip, and they needed to keep a budget using Microsoft Excel for every aspect of the trip, such, airfare, food, snacks, activities, etc.

The students presented their trip using audacity and moviemaker. The students found pictures on the internet and created a slideshow of their trip. The students wrote a script to accompany their slides and recorded their script using audacity. The audacity file was then imported into moviemaker and the slides and audio were matched up to create a final presentation.

Below are the documents for this project. Feel free to alter, edit, or use the documents below.

Planning a Vacation Handout
Mileage Calculator
Link to Google Maps
Vacation Itinerary
Vacation Budget
Rubric for Budget
Rubric for Itinerary
Scoring Rubric

Google Maps was used...Create a trip. (An account for Google needed to be created, as well as Gaggle accounts)
The students had to choose locations. They had to Mark locations. They had to have a starting point and ending point. They also had to calculate the nautical mileage of the trip. They had to calculate angles of the trip. They had to plan a trip and create a budget in excel.
The students created a movie. They first used audacity to create the script using audacity. You could either use audacity or garageband for this part of the project. The students also used moviemaker to create the movie.